New Album “MY ROOTS”


  1. Cane Creek Kat Pearson 3:48
  2. When the Blues Is Over Kat Pearson 4:18
  3. Where I Belong Kat Pearson 4:55
  4. The Truth Kat Pearson 4:32
  5. Ode to My Mother Kat Pearson 3:13
  6. Can't Leave It Alone Kat Pearson 4:44
  7. Until I Get What I Need Kat Pearson 4:58
  8. Nothing Left to Lose Kat Pearson 2:46
  9. Labour's Train Kat Pearson 2:46


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Free tomorrow night ? pull up a chair , a glass of gin/ tea + set the world of fire with @lemnsissay @Anthony1983 @HiddenOrchestra and @mamoyobornfree and me.
Tickets cover your limited edition vinyl 'sun' in bright orange . Oh yes. #wecomefromthesun


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