“MY ROOTS” The Album


  1. Cane Creek Kat Pearson 3:48
  2. When the Blues Is Over Kat Pearson 4:18
  3. Where I Belong Kat Pearson 4:55
  4. The Truth Kat Pearson 4:32
  5. Ode to My Mother Kat Pearson 3:13
  6. Can't Leave It Alone Kat Pearson 4:44
  7. Until I Get What I Need Kat Pearson 4:58
  8. Nothing Left to Lose Kat Pearson 2:46
  9. Labour's Train Kat Pearson 2:46


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LIVE @ The Temple of Art & Music (TAM) Elephant & Castle


Temple of Art and Music 42 Newington Causeway
London, SE1 6DR

Acclaimed singer Kat Pearson storms into the Temple of Art & Music (TAM) with her latest show filled with the fire and fervour of Gospel hymns and Blues folklore!

Queens Jubilee Street Party Islington

London, London, United Kingdom

Street Party Hemingford Rd
London, London
N1 1DF
United Kingdom

Big street party in Islington for the Queens Platinum Jubilee - https://www.royal.uk/platinum-jubilee-central-weekend

Upton Blues Festival

Upton Upon Severn, United Kingdom

Upton Blues Festival Big Top Stage Upton City Centre
Upton Upon Severn
United Kingdom

Performing on the Big Top Stage

Green Note

Camden Town, London

Green Note Camden 106 Parkway
Camden Town, London NW1 7AN

Kat brings her latest show to the Green Note Camden, expect this night to be filled with the fire and fervour of Gospel hymns and Blues folklore!


Who’s coming to the JAM at the TAM? TODAY 3pm
#jamsession #elephantandcastle

“Wake up Sunday morning, whiskey stain on your breath”
Check out the rest of the song June 2nd @TempleArtMusic !

Kat Pearson…brings fire and fervour to Gospel hymns and Blues folklore to the @TAM
(Temple of Art & Music)
JUNE 2 8pm

Get this Jubilee JUMPIN!
JUNE 2 8pm
@katpearsonmusic @ToneTrade @TempleArtMusic #London #blues #London #uk #art

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