New Album “MY ROOTS”


  1. Cane Creek Kat Pearson 3:48
  2. When the Blues Is Over Kat Pearson 4:18
  3. Where I Belong Kat Pearson 4:55
  4. The Truth Kat Pearson 4:32
  5. Ode to My Mother Kat Pearson 3:13
  6. Can't Leave It Alone Kat Pearson 4:44
  7. Until I Get What I Need Kat Pearson 4:58
  8. Nothing Left to Lose Kat Pearson 2:46
  9. Labour's Train Kat Pearson 2:46


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“The blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits. It’s better keeping the roots alive, because it means better fruits from now on. The blues are the roots of all American music. As long as American music survives, so will the blues.” ~ Willie Dixon (1915–1992)

It's fun to write outside your usual genre...John Fiddler #Medicinehead and I wrote this song which I hope you all LOVE and it will do well in the #usa for Adult Contemp Charts #billboardcharts #BillboardMusicAwards
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Thank You Suzy....So proud to have written this song with John Fiddler of #Medicinehead #USA #Billboard200 #BillboardMusicAwards 

YOUTUBE VID - https://youtu.be/z67kXftiuPc

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