New Single Out Now


  1. Born Under a Bad Sign Kat & Co. 4:14
  2. Calling Your Name Kat & Co. 4:08
  3. Bedroom Floor Kat & Co. 3:28
  4. Selfish Blues Kat & Co. 3:24
  5. Prelude To City Burn Kat & Co. 1:04
  6. City Burn Kat & Co. 3:21
  7. Nobody Dies For Love Kat & Co. 3:24
  8. Whiskey Kat & Co. 3:15
  9. Shake It All Away Kat & Co. 4:21
  10. Night Time Is The Right Time Kat & Co. 4:08
  11. Piano Interlude Kat & Co. 1:13
  12. Low Down Kat & Co. 3:58


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Hastings Winkle Club Jazz and Blues Fest.

Hastings, East Sussex, UK

The Stade Open Space Hastings Old Town Rock-A-Nore Road
Hastings, East Sussex TN34 3

Kat Pearson has gone back to her roots!
Joining her on stage will be some of the artist from the Kat & Co camp to bring you the blues "like they do it back at home!"

This event is hosted by the Hastings Winkle Club https://winkleclub.org/ helping the less fortunate people of Hastings since 1900.

It's a FREE event, but REMEMBER to drop a donation in the passing buckets!